Government-Regulated Online Casino Crashes Within First Hours

The internet has been all a-flutter with talk of British Columbia’s new government-run online casino, Unfortunately, website was not long-lived, after its server shut down just hours after it was originally launched. Previously, the BCLC reassured the community that that the site would be back up within a few days, but that has not been the case. Instead, the website’s relaunched has been put on hold, as it was just revealed that the information of more than 100 customers was compromised.

More than $8000 was wagered by players who had not deposited the cash that had been bet, essentially taking money from the accounts of other players unknowingly. Other users also reported being able to see the banking and personal information of other players on the website, making for a potentially dangerous situation.

It all boils down to the fact that the BCLC had not contacted the Kahnawake Gaming Commission for advice regarding the launch of its website. The KGC has a great deal of experience regulating online gambling websites, however the BCLC did not take into consideration that it had such a valuable resource at its fingertips.

Instead, the provincial government launched its website without any guidance from the experience regulatory body. The result was a situation riddled with disaster and misfotune, but the BCLC assures us that the problems will be fixed soon.

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