New Games at Intercasino is the brand that is also owned and operated by the same people that bring you the great games. The online casino has recent announced that there will be more Marvel games where the others came from. Since the great success from Iron Man and its other latest release the Incredible Hulk. The newest members to the villain and hero list are Batman and Wonder women which will likely be slots that are hit by many of the players that currently like the Marvel games so much!

The newest games will be hitting computer screens very soon and its not a surprise that will be the place that will see these games first as it is one of the most popular online casinos on the web today with a wide audience and a great reputation for pushing games forward!

In the new Batman game, the slot will feature a massive 50 pay line option with a ton of special wild symbols that can make you quite a bit richer as well as a 2X multiplier that can be triggered at any moment. The bonus round for this game is also an amazing one because battling the enemy will see the player winning up to 100 times their bet which will make any one happy!

If that leaves you wanting more than that simply won`t be a problem as the Wonder Women game is also a video slot with a similar 50 pay line option! This one has a bonus that can give you 5 more spins than usual as well as many other events that are sure to keep you playing more and more! Sounds like a great pair of games to me, why not give them a shot at the next you want to play at an online casino.

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