Online Casino Awards 80K Slotris Jackpot

Online casino and slot destination is on a roll at paying out jackpots. Just shy of a month after paying out their last jackpot winner the online casino paid out another one on the Slotris slot game. ‘MARMOTLUV’ was the lucky player who netted a little over $80k on the Tetris-themed online slot.

The winner said he as a big fan of the game Tetris as a child and enjoyed playing Slotris ever since it was added to Slotland’s video slot roster. He also said that he’s never won such a large sum of money, only smaller amounts over the years playing at Slotland and that while the money is already in his bank account that it won’t be staying there for long!

Slotland commented on the win saying that their progressive jackpot is normally won every six weeks or so for between $100,000 and $150,000. This win is not the first for the online casino in terms of quick wins since they awarded three jackpots in a row last fall. Just last month the jackpot was also hit on the MegaSpin game for $169,923. is a top destination for online slot playing. They feature 13 slots and 3 video poker games and just released a new title in Reel Riot, a single pay line slot complete with a wild bonus symbol and a special hold feature. Slotland is currently offering a 100% free deposit bonus up to $100 for new players too so get online and give some of their great slot games a try – you could be the next progressive jackpot winner.

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