The Best VIP Casinos in the UK to Visit

In the world of casinos, there are those who are known for moving a lot of money around because of their high bids and the amount of time and interaction that they promote.

These players are known as VIP – “Very Important Person” – and are common customers of casinos that usually tend to gain benefit from the establishments for being valuable clients and for promoting many games.

On gambling, these VIP gamers are unique and owners of the establishment offer things as free treats, gifts, and also access to specialized services and areas. This, not surprisingly, is also a reality in online casinos, with point collections tagging high-activity players as VIP.

All around the world, these are well-treated, and that is not different for the UK, where very famous casinos are situated.

In the famous Aspers Casino, in London, these high-rollers, active players have access to the monthly poker tournaments and their progressive jackpots. They are especially drawn to these two events because of the possibility of earning enormous chunks of money.

This place is one of the most famous casinos in London and is hugely respected among players because of its history and the premium experience that it offers, being an excellent casino since its foundation in 2011. The games area is enormous, and there are hundreds of gambling and betting slot machines as well as the surprising amount of 70 tables for VIP players to enjoy. It is located in Westfield Stratford.

The VIP scene in London only gets better as we get to the Leicester Square, where the 24 hours Hippodrome Casino has 45 tables, outstanding decorations and a lot of movement in almost any time of the day, being a classic casino in the UK.

Another classic, the Palm Beach casino, has countless game options throughout the week and hosts multiple tournaments as well. It is another 24 hours casino and, for VIP gamers and gambling enthusiasts alike; this establishment has an outstanding infrastructure and an enormous place with a great restaurant to enjoy. Of course, for the most avid gamers, the opportunity of participating in tournaments is excellent.

The Hippodrome is a historic building, having been built in 1900 as a theatre and a circus for the local citizens, it survived hundreds of years of traffic, and even staged Swan Lake’s first performance.

You might not know about the casino Genting International Casino as it was formerly names “Resorts World Birmingham.” It was the first Resort Casino of England and is currently the largest casino and shopping mall in the UK, with cinemas, leisure areas and many restaurants close to the nightclub, as well as a spa and a hotel for guests from all over the world.

This enormous, historical building is stage to the best casino experiences in the UK, and there is a lot to be done around the area even outside of the casino.

The Empire Casino, as the last entry, is the peak of the tournament scene and is quite exclusive, but the experiences there are something to forever remember. Also located in London, it is close to the Hippodrome Casino and next to the National Gallery. The bar on the upper floor of the casino has many recommendations, and the infrastructure is excellent.