Five Fun Slot Gaming Options For Fall 2018

Just because the temperatures are cooling down does not mean that the fun in the casinos are cooling down too. Fall provides many unique opportunities to enjoy themed slot games that take into account everything that is special about the fall season. From the scary to the serene there is something for every slot player to enjoy that takes into the account the special attributes of the fall season. Naturally, all of these games provide different odds and incentives, so it is important to carefully consider which game will best suit the players particular playing style and desires. Here are five of the funnest games to play this season.

1. Autumn Queen

Just as the title suggests, Autumn Queen is a slot game geared towards female players that focuses on the queen of the season. The game is full of fall symbolism such as animals preparing for hibernation and a color scheme to match the season. The red-haired Autumn Queen is the star of the game and is featured prominently across the five reels and four rows provided by the game. Furthermore, the game provides a simple format that even the most novice of slot players can quickly learn to enjoy. This is one fall game not to be missed.

2. Autumn Gold

This game is designed for those who love the cheerier symbolism associated with fall and the run-up to Halloween. This simple three reel three row game features pleasantly drawn pumpkins and fall critters. Also featured in the game are beautifully drawn changing leaves that evoke some of the most beautiful memories associated with the fall season. This is the perfect game to play while sipping a pumpkin spiced latte and taking in all that the fall season has to offer the intrepid casino slot player.

3. Bloodsuckers II

This game offers some of the symbolism more closely associated with the Halloween symbolism that adults enjoy. As the title indicates, this game has a vampire theme that may not suck up all of the player’s money if the game is played with care. The game contains three rows and five reels of vampire themed graphics that will entertain the player long into the night.

4. Yggdrasil – Seasons

Yggdrasil – Seasons is another nature themed game that focuses on the fall season. The graphics in this game are large and entertaining. Furthermore, this game contains bonus features that will entertain the player as they hope to win money. The fall creatures in this game, such as squirrels, have a cartoon quality that is sure to delight those who prefer the cuter critters of fall as opposed to the vampires and werewolves that also dominate the season.

5. 4 Seasons

This game is unique because it allows the player to enjoy all of the features that fall themed games have to offer. The symbolism and attention to detail is the same on this game as it is on the other fall themed games mentioned. However, this game also allows the player to enjoy animals based on the Chinese calendar that are from the other three seasons. This game is perfect for the individual who enjoys the fall, but doesn’t want to ignore the other seasons as well.