A New Frontier of Fraudulent Activities in Online Gaming?

Trends in the gaming industry are constantly changing as gaming technology evolves. In the past players had to make the commitment to find a physical establishment in order to engage in casino gambling. The Internet is permanently altered this paradigm. Currently, players are able to engage in gaming through a variety of technological platforms. Desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones now offer gamblers the same opportunities that only physical casinos could in the past.

With the consumer market for online gaming growing, one of the trends that online gaming companies will have to be cognizant of is fraudulent deposits and withdrawal of funds. Because players no longer need to be physically present to deposit or withdraw funds from casinos, there are a variety of ways that computer experts can manipulate existing platforms to deposit ill-gotten funds into an online casino, or, alternatively, to withdraw funds that they have no right to withdraw. The trend is for these fraudulent schemes to become more complicated over time, thus online gaming companies must stay on guard to protect both their players and the funds in their online cage. Increased monitoring of suspicious activity by trained fraud prevention experts will have to increase in online casinos to meet this new trend.

Furthermore, online casinos will have to be aware that fraudulent schemes may shift as the preferred types of gaming platforms shift from desktop computers to mobile devices. With mobile devices fraudsters will no longer need to be tied to a physical location to engage in activities that could cost the casinos hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. Fortunately, gaming companies can utilize the increasing security features on mobile devices such as biometric scanning technology to combat fraudulent activity. Fingerprint and eye scanners can be incorporated into mobile gaming apps to prevent unauthorized access in ways that simple passwords simply cannot.

Criminals have always devised fraudulent schemes to scam casinos. In the past fraudsters would use loaded dice to scam craps games in physical casinos. Presently, fraudsters are using sophisticated technology to achieve the same goals as those with loaded, to rob the casino. Thus, it is imperative that online casinos meet this rising trend by investing in skilled fraud prevention personnel to protect the casino from cyber attackers. It may be a costly investment initially, but spending the appropriate amount on fraud prevention has the potential to save the casino in both loss of money and reputation through fraudulent activities on the Internet.