Advice for Online Casino Players Looking to Capitalize

The casino industry has come a long way. Think about it. Before, one would have to get in their car, drive or even fly to a location to place their bets. Now, one only pick up their computer, tablet or phone. If someone has a bank account, they can enter into the virtual casino realm. Different casino entities will try to draw players with different perks or bonuses. “Get 100 Spins Free!” or, “Get an Automatic $50 when adding your bank account!”
and then some. So, what’s a spoof and what’s proof- of money that is?

First thing first, one needs to understand that like it or not, even online, there are rules. All casinos have what’s called wagering requirements (WR). What is a wagering requirement? It is, by definition a multiplier that represents the amount of times one has placed a bet before they can cash that bonus out. Each state and gaming board has their own set of standards, but far and wide, they are roughly about the same. That’s not to say one can’t get to the point of cashing out. It’s all a game of chance anyway right?

Speaking of chance, each game holds different odds. They all hold different waging requirements too. A game of blackjack will not have the same WR as slots. When placing your bet for any given game, you will see the minimum about required to place. This is true of all casino games, in house or online. Keep this in mind when going online and placing bets under a bonus jurisdiction. What does that mean? Read the fine print. Every bonus has terms and agreements. Like any other agreement, there are conditions. Look for things like:

-How long is the bonus good for?
-How many bets need to be placed before the bonus can be applied/cashed out?
-When and how does the bonus become void?
-Can it only be used on certain games?

At the end of the day, a casino bonus is an enticement to get players to sign up and add that trusty bank account. Keep in mind, it is much easier to hit “re up my credits” when you have a checking account on tap. More for the taking. Of course there are some who do make a killing on the online scene. I’ll bet you though, pun totally intended, they read the terms and conditions and they’ve become professional online hustlers. They know the loop holes and side steps to get those bonuses and rack up the credits. Suppose you could say, it pays to read.