UK Gambling: An Astonishing £626 Is Wagered per Second

The UK Gambling Commission released an eye-opening and rather expensive statistic recently, when it announced that citizens are betting on sports at an incredible rate. The statistic shows that for every second that passes, the country accepts £626 in online sports bets. This comes to more than £37,000 per minute, and approximately £2,000,000 per hour. This opens the public eye on a potential issue in regards to gambling addiction, and how the public offers support towards the issue. There are a number of initiatives is place to try and prevent addictions to gambling, including a program known as ‘GambleAware’. This is a charity organization that offers assistance to citizens that have an addiction to wagering money online or at casinos.

Most online sportsbooks, casinos, and wagering destinations offer a tool known an ‘self-exclusion’. This is usually a button that users can click to block themselves from gambling for a certain period of time, or even permanently. This is one way that citizens who find themselves addicted to wagering can try and limit their activity on wagering websites. Many sites also allows users to set wagering limits so that they don’t lose track of the money that they are spending. In 2017, over one million players chose to self-exclude during that time frame, a statistic that proves that responsible gambling initiatives could be working to prevent gambling addiction.

It could be hard to imagine that £626 is wagered per second in the UK, but each citizen has a different bank roll or budget, which could effect that number average significantly. Some players wager lower stakes and have a significantly lower bankroll, while some richer individuals may choose to bet large amounts of money without second guessing their decision. These split second decisions can heavily effect the average money wagered per second.

The statistics that the UK Gambling Commission show that online sports betting is extremely popular within the country. It could first appear that this means that more people are suffering from gambling addiction than ever before, but this is not true based on the statistics. More citizens are also self excluding themselves as mentioned above, which means that the UK is offering a thriving gambling environment for responsible citizens to enjoy, while also providing the right kinds of support to individuals who could potentially find themselves in a gambling addiction.