A New Limited Online Poker Product from PokerStars

The online gambling giant PokerStars is unveiling a new game that it will officially call Showtime Hold’em. This new online poker product, which can be played with real money bets, is being added to the network that is operated by PokerStars on an international level. The new Showtime Hold’em is only going to be available for a limited time, most likely to test out the game’s popularity among players. This particular game is different from Texas Hold’em because it will reveal the hole cards from players immediately after a player folds. Showtime Hold’em is expected to add another element of excitement as poker players have to adjust their strategies.

A notable part of the new poker game is that it is not necessary to reveal cards prior to showdown if the player can win first. The idea behind this concept is to get poker players more cerebral about running different and more complex bluffs to win. Seeing the hands of other players when they are exposed gives each individual a certain amount of insight into others’ playing styles. The savvy poker player can better determine odds by seeing the folded hands, especially before the flop comes out. Showtime Hold’em first started in the Belgian market as a test run to see how players receive the new product.

Showtime Hold’em is a quick follow-up to the Split Hold’em game released by PokerStars. Split Hold’em was also on a limited run, with players being able to experience the game for approximately six weeks. The concept behind Split Hold’em was to have two flops, two turns, and two rivers on which players could base their wagers. At the end of each round, the two winning players would split the total pot. In addition, it was possible for one player to rake in the entire amount.

PokerStars is no stranger to innovation. The company has been part of the online poker scene since 2001 and is an integral part of the industry’s advancement. PokerStars was a pioneering in many popular online activities, such as web-based poker tournaments and rewards programs geared towards loyal players.

Many experimental ventures are undertaken by PokerStars, though not all of the ideas pan out. The game Duel, a heads-up poker app for mobile devices, was tried out in Norway with real money bets. However, the product never panned out because of its limitations. PokerStars hopes to generate more exposure for Showtime Hold’Em by broadcasting the game on Twitch, where streamers will face off against each other.