eSports Wagering Platform is a new platform specializing in eSports wagering. Right now, is in the beginning stages, but it is live and ready to offer users a platform where they can place bets on their favorite sporting events and games. is available on both a mobile platform and desktop. Some of the games offered on the mobile platform are League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike. Games like StarLadder, ESL One, and War Gaming League are some of the other tournament gaming options offered on

One of the things that sets apart from other wagering platforms is there are many events that players can place bets on, unlike some other platforms that only focus their wagering on one or two types of sporting events. also offers quality customer support and a platform that is easy to use and navigate. There is also a variety of games to place bets on in many different markets, as well as the ability to select and bet on their favorite teams. intends to be different from the other similar egame platforms. was founded by people who enjoy exports just as much as the users of do. This sets them apart from the others because they are providing something they too would enjoy.

The CEO of, Richard Smith, believes they can provide a better platform than any of their competitors because they intend to branch out of just one or two types of sports, and they also are players themselves so it is easier to identify what changes can be made to make the experience better for the players

For esports fans, this includes the ability to watch the game live while placing bets on the game at the same exact time. The creators of spent a lot of time perfecting the mechanics to make this possible.

Also, according to credible sources, they are predicting a rise in exports enthusiasts, and predict this market to be a billion-dollar industry by 2020. This means there is a need for a platform such as, and esports enthusiasts will be exceptionally surprised at how this platform caters to most everyone’s need. will first be launched in the European Union countries, and then they intend to expand worldwide. They have every intention of making this platform available for everyone that has a desire too use something like this or that already has a strong interest in esports.

Esports has yet to see a platform such as because there isn’t another one out on the market that offers betting during team tournaments, individual matches, and games.

That is their number one goal to offer their players something that they have never seen or used before. It seems as if they have been successful at developing just that.