Legalized Sports Betting in the US Could Change the Face of Online Poker

The legal minds of the United States are presenting arguments, both for and against, something that has been happening for decades. Some enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of wagering on a sporting event for fun, while others seem to have a masterful knack of picking winners. The problem has been, other than a few isolated locations, it’s against the law.

What’s at stake now is the concept that this form of entertainment should be legal. So, how will the legalization of sports betting affect the proverbial online poker table? Here are two aspects surrounding the impetus to legalize sports gambling, which could prove important to the online poker industry.

Hold ‘Em?

The most obvious relationship between the push for legalized sports betting and the legalization of online poker is the timetable for both. Sorry poker enthusiasts, but the prevalent sports we are talking about are big business, really big business. Those who control the major sports teams in the United States are some of the most influential men in the world.

They may or may not have an opinion about online poker, but they do have ardent attitudes toward their business and their business is sports. What this means for online poker players, individuals who may have zero interest in wagering on a sports contest, they will have to wait in line. Patience in this instance may prove rewarding.

The online poker industry would do well to sit quietly and let the sports betting debate unfold. Recent indications strongly suggest it will become a reality, eventually. Online poker should stick to the old adage, hold ’em. Then, they can take advantage of a wave created by more relaxed regulations against how people choose to spend their money.

Deal Them In?

Not appreciating even a modest connection between sports bettors and online poker players would be naive. There are pages of research data, which draw a profound conclusion about individuals who enjoy forms of wagering as entertainment. There is a remarkable similarity between sports bettors and poker players, much of which centers on the thrill of the wager.

So, what does this mean for online poker as it relates to sports betting? Marketing exposure is the answer. If, or more likely when, legal sports betting venues begin to appear, they are prime markets to advertise the merits online poker. Since there is a connection between the two, any rigid walls against online poker websites will immediately have holes in their armor.

It will become increasingly more difficult to label online poker as something sinister. As the public perception of sports betting grows more favorable, any sense of reluctance to include online poker in the game will wane. Once sports’ betting is legalized, online poker sites will flood the marketing gates on sports betting sites in hopes of dealing them in.

Most people close to the gambling world believe wholeheartedly that the legalization of sports betting is no longer an if question, but when. As public perception softens, the online poker industry will have an open opportunity to establish their brand. They would do well to play a shrewd hand, holding their cards as the process plays out, then dealing in the sports bettors at the opportune time.