The Contract Between LeoVegas and Kambi Represents a Bright Future

A contract extension for LeoVegas and Kambi has been agreed on regarding a long-term sportsbook. In a recent market update, the Kambi Group Plc has stated a multi-year contract has been secured and extended with the online gambling group listed online in Stockholm called LeoVegas AB. This will allow the firm to continue acting as LeoVegas Sports supplier for the lead sportsbook platform. The extension of the contracts comes after LeoVegas was successfully launched in 2016. They have since become one of the fastest growing clients for Kambi. The Kambi networks first operator was LeoVegas Sport, and this enabled them to establish their ownership of their frontend. This provided the ability to quickly personalize and enhance the experience they could offer to their players.

When the stakeholders were updated, the CEO of Kambi, Kristian Nylen, stated the contract renewal must be attributed partially to the empowerment capabilities provided to the customers by the supplier. LeoVegas was specifically mentioned as having developed an experience unique to sports betting, and at the top of the core for the Kambi Sportsbook. According to Kristian Nylen, the working relationship between Kambi and LeoVegas has been very close since they partnered in 2016. The differentiated product was co-created between the two companies, and has been proven to hold appeal for players throughout various demographics and markets.

Kambi is delighted to continue having LeoVegas as one of their long-term customers due to the relevance of both the quality of the Sportsbook, and their outsourcing model. Kambi was very pleased with the extensions of the contracts with LeoVegas. LeoVegas Sports has gained both scalability and solid product momentum with the solutions serviced through Kambi. This has led to several regulated markets being launched by LeoVegas Sports including Germany, Denmark, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

As LeoVegas’s Head of Sports, Riku Jokela stated how delighted they are to continue their work with Kambi. They feel since LeoVegas Sports was originally launched the journey they have taken has been great. They also believe as they look towards the future there will be many more exciting times to look forward to. According to Riku Jokela, the support provided by Kambi has been greatly appreciated, and the plan to continue improving and building their sports betting experience in a unique fashion. The difference made by the amount of betting markets offered by Kambi including all sports has exceptional. They truly understand the importance of a betting operator in sports, regarding the important role this in-play betting offers their clients. As far as Riku Jokela is concerned, the top in-play experience is offered by Kambi. The instant betting feature is very popular with their customers because it lets them bet on every single point for Tennis.