Las Vegas casino gets a power outage that turns out the lights for players

During business hours at the Las Vegas Strip casino and resort there was a power outage that resulted from a contractor that was working in the building. He had accidentally knocked out the main power line, shutting down all electricity throughout the building that left thousands of resort guests and players displaced. Dozens of people were trapped in elevators within the casino and the operator was forced to do a room by room search within the massive 33 story building.

Workers had been working down in the basement of the building during the early morning hours, and had cut off the power at about 9:45 in the morning. The workers that had cut into the main power line had been drilling into the basement’s concrete within the boiler room of the venue when they happened to come across the line. The incident was described as an accident during work that had been scheduled to take place that day. There were no injuries reported within the casino as a result of the mistake.

The casino was forced to fully evacuate all residents from the venue as a result of the fire alarm system powering down and the back up generator failing to kick on. Without power, people were not allowed to stay in the building due to the potential risks and liabilities that were faced by the casino. There were about 3,000 people that were evacuated from the building.

Even though guests were displaced from the casino, they weren’t left on the streets and were instead steered over to Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel right next door. The company helped find everyone rooms to stay in within their own hotel as well as other casino resorts down the Las Vegas strip, ensuring that everyone had somewhere to go.

There were a number of people that were helped out of the lifts after the power had gone out. While there weren’t any physical injuries, there were several people that were dealing with severe anxiety trauma from being stuck in a small enclosed area. Despite this, nobody requested to be sent to the hospital.

Jay Sarno, who had been on the gaming floor when the power went out, stated that he had just won $1,000 on a machine when everything shut off. Because he was unable to claim his winnings, the casino gave him a voucher that he would be able to redeem once power was restored. Members within his party had headed up 18 floors in order to retrieve their belongings before being forced to leave the building.

Even though this was a circumstance in which many guests were very likely upset about, the casino acted in a prompt and professional manor to make sure that everyone was okay and would redeem any winnings off of their games. Authorities stated that there did not appear to be any sort of criminal activity that caused the power to go out, and the power company noted that it was definitely an internal issue rather than one that came from their power lines.