Legalize gambling in internet cafes in the state

Do you like watching the horse races at the track? Do you like betting on those races? Do you live in New Jersey? Well then you may be in luck. According to an Atlantic City newspaper, a bill focusing on Monmouth Park Racetrack will decide whether or not to legalize gambling in internet cafes in the state. The bill would allow racetracks in the state to open “on-site internet gambling” centers. This means those who like to bet on the horses in New Jersey may soon have a place to do just that.

As one of three states in the region which have legalized online gambling, New Jersey has made the most money at $16.7 million. The move to allow for on-site facilities to allow internet gambling would be beneficial for both New Jersey and the racetracks throughout the state. The relationship could increase revenue for both the state and racetracks across the state as well. The facilities would be similar to the old OTB centers that once populated the Northeast in states like New York and New Jersey. These so-called internet cafes would allow people to bet on the races from closer to home, benefiting the racetracks and the state of New Jersey, which would make money off of each bet.

While some believe the move may have a negative impact on attendance in Atlantic City, most are excited for the approval. The rise in internet gambling has already caused numbers to dwindle in Atlantic city, and many are worried this will cause attendance to New Jerseys gambling bastion to decrease even more. In a struggling city like Atlantic City, which has seen both attendance and revenue decrease drastically in recent years, legalizing these on-site betting facilities may deal a blow to the economy of Atlantic City that it might not be able to come back from.

Whether or not you care about Atlantic City, if you like to bet on the horses this bill will be good for you, and your state. While the legalizing of these on-site gambling facilities may decrease revenues for Atlantic City, it could be a huge boon for the state horse lovers a like.