Amaya Ruffling Feathers with PokerStars Players

According to reliable sources, this year has been filled with a lot of changes in Amaya, Inc. They are based in Canada and run two of the world’s premier online poker websites, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStarts. To date, PokerStars online player database in the world’s largest. The site let its clientele know that they would be making several changes to their VIP and Elite reward programs.

PokerStars also announced that they their online poker software was going to be upgraded. Gamers who use PokerStars were told that their online experience in poker would be improved when the company implements several changes to its terms and conditions. All of these changes are supposed to go into effect from the beginning and throughout the new year.Only a few members will be affected by changes in the new Elite and VIP reward programs offered by the company. The majority of other poker players will see benefits from these changes, says company executives. Even so, there are a few players in PokerStars who are concerned and even mad about the changes. Some of them have expressed that they felt like they had no say in how their favorite poker forums are going to be changed. They blame Amaya, Inc, since it is the parent company that is responsible.An online poker boycott has been suggested by some members. An article appeared on Two Plus Two poker forum written by player, Daniel Stern. In his post called “Strike/Boycott of PokerStars December 1st- 3rd, Stern asserted that since Amaya, Inc. took over PokerStars, the changes made no longer benefit the customers. Instead, writes Stern, the company is just concerned for its own profit. He does not believe that there is any truth in PokerStars statements that say company changes will benefit the players. Up to now, Stern’s post has received a lot of hits and attention.

In his article, Daniel Stern asks players to unite and strike against the online company for the first three days of December. According to different Internet sources, a couple thousand players have posted similar complaints again Amaya, Inc. and have also decided not to play on PokerStar’s site during the three-day strike. It was their desire, says Stern, to become a united front to let the company know that their customers were not going to be railroaded.

In order to smooth ill feelings, PokerStar executives have made statements to the media. One of PokerStar’s ambassadors, Daniel Negreanu, criticized the PokerStar leadership by saying that communications could have been better between the company and their clientele concerning the changes. Negreanu made his comments in the early part of of November. He admitted that there is an ongoing problem with communications—especially over the changes in the VIP program. Negreanu stated that there were still several things that the company needs to learn in order to better understand and communicate with their players.