RGC Names PlayNow.com as First Internet-Based Gambling Site to Receive RG Check Accreditation

The Responsible Gaming Council (RGC) came out with a press release last week (July 22, 2015), naming PlayNow.com as the first online gambling facility to meet the Responsible Gambling Standards for Internet Gambling.

PlayNow.com, a website maintained and operated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) underwent several months of assessment under RGC’s RG Check-Internet program. The results of which provided the RGC independent Accreditation Panel, basis for granting PlayNow.com approval for RGC accreditation.

The RG Check-Internet is a voluntary accreditation program conducted discreetly by RG-Check staff, with a view to assessing the effectiveness and quality of the responsible gambling initiatives of an Internet-based gambling website. An RG Check evaluates several aspects in accordance with RGC’s standards and criteria. Such aspects comprise, Responsible Gambling Policies, Employee Training, Self-Ban, Assisting Players Showing Signs of Problem Gambling, Informed Decision Making, Promotion and Advertising, and Game and Site Features.

Accordingly, the scope of PlayNow.com’s RG Check-Internet assessment, covered all of the website’s online casino offering, but excluding the online poker games. In performing the assessment, the RG Check-Internet staff reviewed PlayNow.com’s written documents, as well as conducted surveys and interviews that involved PlayNow.com customers and staff.

In response to the RGC press release, Susan Dolinski , the Vice President at BCLC’s Social Responsibility and Communications Division, conveyed the BC crown corporation’s delight in receiving recognition for their responsible gambling efforts and commitment.

Ms. Dolinski said that RGC’s RG Check-Internet certification affirms that the effectiveness and excellence of their responsible gambling initiatives extend to their online presence, and not just in their land-based gambling venues. She added that the BCLC believes that resources for problem gambling should be readily available to customers, regardless of the facility where they choose to play. In light of such views, BCLC considers it important to raise awareness about responsible gambling.

About the RGC’s RG Check-Internet

The RG Check for Internet Gambling was launched by the RGC in 2014. Designed and developed as a set of independent and objective benchmarks, the program assesses the quality, the content, and the extent of the responsible gambling assistance provided by an online gambling site. The degree of adherence to the RGC standards for Internet gambling, as determined through the RG Check – Internet program, serves as the basis for granting an RGC accreditation certification.

The RG Check Process is administered in Canada by the RGC itself, and by the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) firm in gambling facilities located elsewhere. The final determination to grant accreditation for the gambling site reviewed, rests on the decision of a three-member Accreditation Panel. The latter is an independent committee, whose members have been selected by the RGC Board of Directors on the basis of their integrity, commitment to public policy and social responsibility in the highest standards.

Although only three are required to sit en banc to assess and decide on the results of an RG Check, the Board of Directors appoints five individuals as members of the independent RGC Accreditation Committee. Currently, Professor Stanley Sadinsky, a Faculty of Law Professor Emeritus at the Queen’s University and former Chief of the Ontario Racing Commission and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, chairs the Accreditation Committee.