Microgaming Gives Chain Mail Video Slot a Makeover

Great news to all Canadian Chain Mail slot fans as the medieval-themed slot they love will re-launch this coming July. Originally released in 2005 by Microgaming as slot machine content and later as online slot offering, the popular video slot will be coming out in full High Definition (HD) rendition, showcasing new and theme-relevant icons. Moreover, free-spins rewards have been added as extra mystery prize in the bonus game. Chain Mail will also be released at mobile gaming channels supported by Microgaming’s Quickfire platform.

Accordingly, the Chain Mail slot makeover includes more attention to graphic details, in relation to the somewhat puzzling use of a pizza pie, a chocolate ice cream bar, and chicken drumsticks in a fast-food style bucket, as medieval-themed reel icons.

The Scatter Symbol used to be an image of a mail carrier’s mailbag, giving the Chain Mail title, a “chain letter” connotation instead of the medieval mesh-like armour made of closely linked chains. The Scatter icon is now simply marked as Scatter, while a heart shape image has replaced the envelope design appearing in the game title. Based on the video clip released by Microgaming, the reels now contain the conventional A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols, instead of the popular gastronomic delights.

Despite the flaws in theme illustrations, Microgaming’s Chain Mail slot attained popularity, consistently receiving considerable patronage from avid slot gamers through the years. After all, the attraction of the game lies mainly in its financially rewarding interactive Castle Bonus Game.

Perhaps to reward loyal Chain Mail slot players, as well as enhance the game’s considerable popularity, Microgaming has added Free-Spins as extra rewards to the Chain Mail Castle Bonus Game. In addition, the slot now offers up to 120,000 coins as available jackpot.

The well-loved slot actually follows a story line about Princess Roxy, a damsel held captive by her treacherous Uncle Mordread, the archenemy of the King. In the Castle Bonus Game, slot players who succeed in activating the interactive mini game gain the chance to win substantial coin rewards. The game play involves unlocking different doors in different levels in order to help the King free Princess Roxy. Some doors reveal varying coin rewards, while two others could reveal either Princess Roxy or Uncle Mordread. If a player unlocks Princess Roxy’s door ahead of the mystery prizes, he or she receives all coin rewards contained in that level. However, if a player unlocks Uncle Mordread’s door, the bonus game ends.

The first level though does not have an Uncle Mordread behind any of the doors, giving players the chance to proceed to the second level without danger of running into the game-ender. Based on the video of the Chain Mail Bonus game update, if a bonus player unlocks Princess Roxy’s door, he or she will receive not only the mystery coin rewards but also the set of Free Spins.

In announcing the re-invention of Chain Mail slot, the pioneer gaming company also gave a heads up that the July release will include multi-player or tournament version of three slot titles, namely Centre Court, Sure Win HD and Terminator 2, offering CA$100,000 as prize pool.