Rational Group Rebrands Full Tilt Poker As Full Tilt Gaming

The Rational Group, the parent company of PokerStars and its former rival Full Tilt Poker, announced their future plans for the two domains.  While PokerStars will continue to function as a poker-only website, Full Tilt Poker will rebrand as “Full Tilt Gaming” as it incorporates other online casino games onto its pages.

The two former rivals became sister sites in the aftermath of the Black Friday poker scandal.  The US Justice Department, which instigated the Black Friday shutdown, agreed to settle the outstanding lawsuits with the two sites after Full Tilt Poker agreed to be taken over by PokerStars and its parent, the Rational Group.

PokerStars, before and after the merger, is the largest online poker site in the world with Full Tilt Poker a close second.  But since the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker, the site has lost some of its core users who are dissatisfied with the new domain.  Some players also have lingering distrusting feelings about Full Tilt Poker due to the Black Friday scandal.

To help provide a new image for Full Tilt Poker, the Rational Group announced the site will incorporate other casino games as a means to differentiate itself from sister site PokerStars.

“These new games on Full Tilt will provide more gaming options with the same high quality player experience, integrity, security, safety and support that players have come to expect from our brands.”

The shift towards other games besides poker is a first for the Rational Group, which has remained strictly within the poker community since going live in 2001.