Delay for Online Gambling Action Plan

The European Union was meant to release an online gambling Action Plan on September 26th; however, it’s publication has been delayed. . The document will set out guidelines for the online gambling market in the EU, ensuring that regulations will be adhered to by all member states. Unfortunately, however, the delay has been caused by a disagreement between the Action Plan’s authors over its content.

This is certainly an example of art imitating life, as the disagreement between the bill’s authors is a reflection of the disagreement between member states. Each country has its own opinion on how online gambling should be regulated, often disabling the chance for free trade and creating conflict among member stats. This fragmentation has hindered the development of the market for years.

Now, the European Union has finally intervened, making its goal to set guidelines for the way in which online gambling should be regulated across all member states. Once the Action Plan is published, we’re certain it will make a difference in the market; however, we just have to wait for the document to be released.