Hearing to Discuss Atlantic City’s Future

Atlantic City was previously one of the biggest and most successful gambling capitals in the world. However, it has recently started to go the way of Las Vegas, losing valuable tourism and gambling revenue. A hearing scheduled for this week will see industry professionals sharing ideas about how to revive the city.

It is crucial to focus on how important the success of Atlantic City is to the state of New Jersey,” says Christopher A. Brown, a member of the Tourism and Arts Committee

The hearing comes at an ideal time for Atlantic City. Over the course of the past year, the centre has experienced a number of disappointments. The Revel, hailed as being the casino that would save Atlantic City, underperformed after opening. Additionally, Hard Rock pulled out of a $300 million deal to build a new casino on the boardwalk.

On Wednesday, residents, industry professionals and regulators with gather to discuss their plans for the future of the gambling market in Atlantic City. It seems that now would be an ideal time for lawmakers to back the idea of online gambling in order to boost gaming revenue; however, the issue continues to be a point of contention among politicians in the state.