Online Gambling Parlors Owe $750 000 to Government

A gambling parlour disguised as an internet café is in trouble after being found out by authorities. Now, The New England Internet Cafe and The Ship are required to pay $750 000 to the Massachusetts government, returning their profits to the state.

“These cafes will return their illegal profits back to the Commonwealth and cease operating in the state,” Attorney General Martha Coakley

$750 000 is the amount of money that the operators earned illegally. The money was earned by charging patrons to use a card loaded with money used to play video slots on dozens of computers in the parlor. The points they earn on the machines are then traded in for cash prizes. These types of gaming venues are illegal gambling operations, as they offer no consumer protection and they do not post the odds of winning or offer fair payouts. They are not regulated by the local government and are required to be shut down.

Both of the parlors were using software designed by Teradyne Systems to run their illegal gambling operations. The company has been required to terminate all licensing agreements with Massachusetts operators, and all venues using the software have been shut down, including the Boston Road Cyber Café.