Nevada Moves Forward with Online Gambling

When it comes to online gambling, Nevada seems to be ahead of the competition. While states like New Jersey and California are working hard to get support for online gambling legislation, Nevada is already granting licenses to companies. These conditional agreements give companies the right to offer online casino services once the activity is legalized and now UK gaming operator William Hill is getting in on the action.

William Hill has recently been given the ‘okay’ from the Nevada Gaming Board, allowing the UK-based company to acquire three American operators: American Wagering, Brandywine Bookmaking and Sierra Development. All three companies are incredibly popular names in the state, and they will grant William Hill a very beneficial leg-up on other international operators.

What this means is that when online gambling is legalized in the United States, William Hill will be able to enter the market without receiving any legal backlash from the federal government. With the approval of the Nevada Gaming Board and three American-based companies under its belt, William Hill is working towards being one of the most successful online gaming operators in the United States.

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