Florida Politicians Want Vegas-Style Gambling Centre

Nevada is the most profitable gambling state in America, thanks to the Las Vegas strip, where dozens of casinos and gambling venues are located. Gambling revenue from this area helps to fund a wide range of community programs, including education, arts and sports. Other states covet Nevada’s progress in the gaming market, and some even want to emulate it.

Currently, Florida politicians are in the process of holding a referendum on the possibility of construction a Las Vegas-style gambling centre within the state. They want to create casino resorts, the likes of which have become incredibly popular across Nevada, as a way of generating more government revenue.

The idea is viable, especially in a state where resort tourism is so popular. Adding casinos to the mix would help to boost tourism rates and produce more income for the industry at large.

However, some groups are not impressed. An anti-gambling organization called No Casinos wants to ensure that the announcement of the referendum is made soon, so that residents have enough time to truly consider the impact of an increase of gambling in Florida.

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