Department Of Justice Makes Major Online Gambling Announcement

It’s been a rocky year for the online gambling industry in the United States, especially for gamblers.


The beginning of 2011 saw online casino sites closing their doors to U.S. players, then Black Friday struck and that brought on a whole laundry list of issues, and now there’s still the issue of online gambling legalization.


It’s understandable why many online casino sites closed shop in the U.S., after all, it is illegal to gamble online in the United States. Black Friday was a scary mess, and it all started with the Department of Justice seizing major online poker sites, and halting their operations. From there, it just got worse, for the operators and the account holders. The company the got the brunt of the pain was Full Tilt Poker, who still owes millions of dollars to U.S. account holders.


Despite all the dark clouds that have been lingering in the gambling industry for 2011, it seems that there is a silver lining.  The Obama administration did something quite remarkable, and it’s actually a step in the right direction towards legalizing online gambling. The Obama administration announced that the 1961 Wire Act is to be interpreted differently, and instead of it being interpreted to apply for all forms of gambling, it only applies to sports betting.


With this new change, what will 2012 bring for the gambling industry? Only time will tell, and by the looks of it, it’s going to be a great year!

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