Playtech Scores Cowboys & Aliens License Agreement

Playtech is known as a top online gaming software provider, and they are especially well known for offering up branded slot games. Playtech has tapped into the branded slot game market, and this has given them a competitive edge over other online gaming software providers.


Playtech’s foray into branded slot games started with the Marvel Movies super heroes. From there, Rocky was added, and then Pink Panther, after an agreement with MGM was made. Of course, no branded slot game portfolio is complete without Kong, so Playtech got that too when they made an agreement with Universal Studios.


Playtech’s latest acquisition is an agreement with Platinum Studios, Inc. Holding rights to over 5,000 comic book characters, Playtech got into bed with the right entertainment company! Playtech did not go after over 5,000 comic book characters though. Playtech went for the New York Times best-selling graphic novel, Cowboys & Aliens.


Commenting on the new licensing agreement, Platinum Studios’ CEO and creator of Cowboys & Aliens, Rosenberg said “Gaming is a whole new playing field for us, and perfectly follows Cowboys & Aliens’ success at the box office. I’m looking forward to people playing Cowboys & Aliens slots from their living room!”


Hopefully fans will not have to wait too long for this game to come out soon!



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