Micrograming Poker Network Expands Anonymous Tables

Back in October 2010, the Microgaming Poker Network did something unique that was not being offered elsewhere. They introduced anonymous poker tables on a small scale, and a little over a year later, Microgaming wants to expand on that and bring in more anonymous cash poker tables for their players.


Around the same time that the Microgaming Poker Network announced that they would be expanding their anonymous cash poker tables, Bodog also announced that they would be going the same route, and try their hand in anonymous poker play. Bodog will be releasing software on their site that will remove screen names of players from both cash and tourney poker games. The removal of screen names means that players will be able to play anonymously, and experienced players will not be able to use poker tracking software to cheat casual and recreational players.


Is this new trend the next big thing in the online poker industry? It looks like it could be. Bodog and Microgaming will be using different strategies to make playing anonymous. Microgaming will have certain types of tables available for anonymous cash play, and also have tables that offer different stake levels. Even more interesting, Microgaming will also offer up beginner level tables for anonymous play. Microgaming will distinguish their players by a unique handle, and Bodog will use seat numbers to keep things anonymous.

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