Gambling Boom Leads To More Jobs In Canada

Gambling has been on the rise around the globe, becoming more and more popular as its accessibility grows. Even Canada has been affected by this global trend, and this past year alone, the gambling industry in Canada has really been on fire. There will be no slowing down for the gambling industry, as gambling options continually increase, from more places to gamble, to online gambling, to even mobile gambling.


The Montreal Gazette published an article last week about the substantial growth of the gambling industry that has taken place in Canada over the past few years. As a result of the of the gambling industry here in Canada, there are more job opportunities than ever in the industry, mostly in software development.


That being said, is it really so surprising that this booming industry would create jobs? The Canadian Gaming Association reported that there is a higher demand for software developers because of Canada’s growing online gambling industry. A great deal of software developers are employed by the gaming group, Amaya, which also owns Chartwell Technology.


As the landscape of gambling changes, the job opportunities in the gambling industry will continue to grow with the industry, and it looks like gambling is here to stay.

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