Canadian Atlantic Lottery Wants To Go International

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation wants to spread its wings, and go beyond Canadian borders into other countries. Currently, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation operates in four Canadian provinces, and they are hoping to change that soon, as they would like to open up into untapped markets in other countries like Albania and the United States.


Due to demographics in Atlantic Canada that keep changing, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation is looking for a new way to bring in revenue, as they are feeling a pinch in their finances. Being able to expand into other countries is a great opportunity to generate some much needed millions of dollars for the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.


Chuck Bridges, the Vice President of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, explained the reasoning for wanting this expansion as an opportunity to grow their customer numbers, as well as profits.


Additionally, Bridges has said in regards to the expansion “It’s not just that we’re looking at Albania or Illinois, but we’re looking at a wide number of opportunities around the planet and we’re doing so because, as I say, we’ve got 35-plus years of experience in the marketplace doing this kind of business. It’s part of us protecting Atlantic Lottery and our provinces that goes back into the shareholders – the provinces, so they can build hospitals, roads, infrastructure, that sort of thing.”

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