$75-million Casino in Southwestern Ontario Scrapped

Written By Michael Whitlatch

OLG announced that it is scrapping plans for a new $75 million casino in the Gateway site in favour of expanding the Western Fair District in London. The move comes as the provincial government looks to get out of the business of running casinos, and privatize them instead.

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd. is scrapping plans for a new $75-million casino in Southwestern Ontario

Gateway Casinos has announced that it will no longer be pursuing a new $75M casino in the city. Instead, the company will be expanding its existing Western Fair site.

The decision to abandon the new casino project comes after considerable public opposition. Many residents were concerned about the potential negative impacts of a large casino in the city. Gateway Casinos has listened to these concerns and has decided to instead focus on expanding its existing site.

The expansion of the Western Fair site will include a new hotel, convention centre, and restaurants. They plan to add more gaming tables and slot machines. The expanded facility will create hundreds of new jobs and bring millions of dollars of investment to the city. The plans for the expansion include a 300-room hotel, convention space, and more restaurants and gaming space. The current casino at the Western Fair District has about 1,200 slot machines and 60 gaming tables.

Gateway Casinos is a major employer in the city and its decision to expand its operations and boost the local economy. The expanded facility will also provide more entertainment options for residents and visitors to the city.

Gateway says it will instead expand its existing slots facility at the Western Fair District in London

Gateway says the decision to abandon the new casino project was due to the current economic climate and the uncertainty surrounding the future of the gaming industry in Ontario. The company says it remains committed to the London market and believes that expanding its existing facility is the best way to serve its customers.

The expansion of the Western Fair District slots facility is expected to create up to 150 new jobs. Construction should begin soon and be completed by 2022.

The OLG had originally proposed a new casino for Toronto’s waterfront. The plan was met with strong opposition from city councillors and residents.

The new plan for the Western Fair District is in the early stages and will need approval by the provincial government. If everything goes ahead as planned, construction could start as early as 2020.

The move comes as the Ontario government is moving to allow private casinos in the province

The Ontario government is moving to allow private casinos in the province.

The decision by Gateway, one of the largest casino operators in the province, could be a blow to the government’s plans to have private casinos compete with the existing Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) casinos.

Gateway’s decision also raises questions about the future of the OLG, which has been struggling in recent years. The competition from private casinos in other provinces has been hitting OLG  and its revenues have been declining.

The move by Gateway will likely lead to more calls for the privatization of the OLG. The OLG is currently the only operator of casinos in Ontario. Many believe that privatizing the agency would be the best way to increase competition and improve service.