Your New Adventure Checklist for Moving to South Carolina

Written By Janice Doughtrey

What kind of lifestyle do you want? Do you enjoy larger cities or smaller town? Are you looking for a quiet neighborhood or a lively community? Your decision to move from Canada to South Carolina in the States opens a future where you will forge the life you’ve envisioned because South Carolina has it all.

Moving to South Carolina Checklist

South Carolina is best known for its Southern hospitality. People here are friendly and welcoming, and we love to share our culture with newcomers. And now that you’re on your way here, let’s help you keep organized in your big move with this moving checklist:

Choosing Your New Home

When considering a move to South Carolina, Willow Point in Port Royal is worth a look. This small town is just minutes from Beaufort and boasts a friendly atmosphere. The people here are welcoming. The community makes it a great place to raise a family or retire.

The area has several golf courses, tennis courts, parks, and biking trails. The beaches here are gorgeous and perfect for a day of relaxing or fishing. There are also so many options for restaurants and shops in town, so you won’t have to go far for amenities.

If want a smaller town with Southern charm, Willow Point people make you feel right at home. The community has everything you need to live a comfortable life.

Update Your Mailing Address

Update your mailing address with the post office. Do this by mail, online, or in person at your local post office. Allow plenty of time for this process. It can take two weeks for your mail to be forwarded.

Driver’s License Update

You’ll need to update your driver’s license within 90 days of establishing residency. You can visit your local DMV office with your current out-of-state license, proof of residence, and any other required documents. Once you’ve completed the application process, you’ll be issued a South Carolina driver’s license.

Car Registration

Register your car within 45 days of your move. The process is simple, but there are a few things you’ll need to know before you get started. Make sure that your car is insured. Call your insurance provider and verify that your policy meets or exceeds South Carolina insurance expectations. You will need an emissions test from a certified testing facility.

Once your car has passed the emissions test, you’ll need to complete a vehicle registration application. This is done in person at any DMV office or online. Have all the required documents, including your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and the registration fee to avoid making two trips.

Voting Registration

Register to vote at your local county board of elections office or at the South Carolina State Election Commission. You can also use online services to register to vote through the SC Voter Registration website.

Healthcare: Find Your New General Practitioner

You’ll be able to do this by checking with your healthcare insurance provider.

Update Your Financial Institutions

To update your address with your bank, simply visit your local branch or give them a call. They’ll be able to help you fill out the necessary paperwork and make the change in their system.

For credit card companies, you’ll need to contact each one individually. See if yours has their forms online or you can give them a call. Be sure to have your new address and account number handy when you do.

Automatic payments are usually taken care of by the company you’re paying. However, it’s still safer to log into each account and update your billing information just to be safe. That way, you won’t have any surprises come bill time.

Setup Your South Carolina Utilities

South Carolina’s utility companies are ready to help you set up your new home.

Electricity: South Carolina uses Duke Energy for its electricity. You can start service by creating an account online or calling 1-800-777-9898.

Water: Most homes in South Carolina are served by county water systems. To find out which system serves your new home, you can search by county on the South Carolina Department of Health website. Once you know which system serves your home, you can contact them to set up service.

Gas: The primary gas provider in South Carolina is Piedmont Natural Gas. You can start service by creating an account online or calling 1-877-776-2427.

Trash: Trash service in South Carolina is usually handled by the county government. You can search for your county’s website on the Association of Counties to learn more about setting up trash service in your new home.

Cable/Internet: South Carolina has many cable and internet service providers. Some of the most popular include Spectrum and AT&T. You can compare plans and prices on websites like BroadbandNow to find the best fit for your needs.

Does South Carolina have any casinos?

South Carolina does not have any land-based casinos. However, it does have one casino boat, which sails out into international waters where gambling is legal.

Welcome Home!

Good luck with your move. We hope this checklist serves you well.