4Flush.com Announces Online Poker Forum

Written By Janice Doughtrey

4Flush.com, which is a well known online poker news and information site, has announced the launch of a new online poker forum. The group that runs the web site 4flush.com has been looking to start an online poker portal web site for sometime. The group is excited about the launch of their new venture. Visitors to the online poker news site will be able to message each other and the team that runs the site.

Some of the topics that are listed on the poker forum site include ‘Poker News’, ‘Poker Strategies ’ and ‘Major Poker Tournaments’, where both land-based and online poker players can get together and discuss the details and current events of the poker world. The poker forum includes an area called the Fish Pond, where members can ask all questions pertaining to poker. The site is putting high hopes on its ‘Poker Stories’ category as well, everyone wants to read about winning a massive pot on a bluff, being taken down on a bad beat, or simply out-maneuvering your opponents.

There will be also a place for a general poker discussion where members can chat about anything relating to poker that will not fall directly into a specific category. Cathy Roberts, the founder of 4Flush.com stated, “I am happy that the forum has finally been opened. This will help us to know our visitors better on a personal level.” She added, “We have been looking forward to the launch for the last couple of months and are very happy with the overall result.”

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