Online Poker Room Upgrades Software

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Top online poker room DevilfishPoker has annoucned a new host of software upgrades to improve the usability of their site. The new upgrades are based on actual player feedback and allow players more control over the poker interface. Now can boast one of the most user-friendly poker interfaces available online!, along with their already existing sleek design, now offers a new table layout which includes an array of betting options and a top notch betting slider. The betting slider allows players to increase the bet amount using a slider. Players can also choose to simply type in the bet amount as well.

New betting options have also been added to’s poker tables. In addition to the ‘Fold/Check/Call’ buttons, players can now use the range of raise buttons which include ‘Min’ (for minimum raise), ‘1/2’ (for half-pot raise), ‘3/4’ (for three-quarter pot raise), ‘Pot’ and ‘All-in’.

Also upgraded are the sites ‘Dealer Info’ and ‘Player Chat’ options which have now been merged together in one box on the bottom left side of the online poker table giving players more space for other features of the table.

More conveniently accessible are the tournament information options that have been upgraded so players don’t need to go back to the main lobby to access. The ‘Info’ button is now available at the table, allowing players to access to view payouts and remaining player information.

Another great new upgrade includes the option of viewing your folded cards for the current hand. All you need to do is hover over them with your mouse or over your username. Check the ‘Show Hand Strength’ button the options section and you can also see how strong your hand is!

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