10 All-Time Best Hacksaw Gaming Slots Updated

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Hacksaw Gaming is, without a doubt, a rising star in the iGaming industry. They started as a small provider but managed to capture the hearts of online players worldwide with their great selection of slots. The Hacksaw slots are fun to play, have great visual details and are known to produce monster payouts in bonus rounds. In this article, we will show you some of the best Hacksaw Gaming slots you can play at our recommended online casinos.

All Time Top 10 Slots

1. Wanted Dead or a Wild

2 Wild 2 Die slot machine

Wanted Dead or a Wild is one of the most popular Hacksaw slots which has a lot to offer in every way. The slot has a Wild West theme, interesting visuals and a great set of bonus features. With a top payout of 12,500x, you can land some massive wins in the bonus rounds. So far, the top recorded payout on this slot is a cool $17 million.

What makes this slot so attractive is the three bonus rounds it has to offer. The Great Train Robbery gives you 10 free spins where all wilds are Sticky for the duration of the feature. In the Duel at Dawn feature you get 10 free spins with VS symbols. They are expanding wilds with added win multipliers to each win. Land a full screen of them for the ultimate payout. The last feature is the Dead Man’s Hand. Collect as many wilds and multipliers as you can for the second stage where they are all added to the reels.

As you can see the features can be quite lucrative, but due to the high volatility Wanted Dead or a Wild can be crippling to your balance. So, before you start chasing that ultimate payout make sure to pack a massive bankroll.

Rotten slot machine play view

Rotten is a Hacksaw Gaming slot that takes a new spin at the zombie apocalypse. The game has a vintage appearance but comes with grim background sounds and bloody bonus rounds where you can land payouts up to 10,000x.

The main symbol and the one you want to see the most on the reels is the Switch. Once it makes an appearance on the reels you get 1 to 10 free respins. On each one, a symbol from the paytable is replaced with a Wild or one of the higher paying symbols. The more spins and switch symbols you land the better your chances are for mega payouts.

The best way to get them is in the Mad Scientist and Total Takeover free spins. The latter is the Super Bonus in the game where the landed switch symbols stay active throughout the feature. You can re-trigger both features and hopefully get to a total takeover where all symbols from the paytable are wilds of high-paying symbols. If you’re lucky enough to do so you are looking at the max payout in the game.

You can buy both free spins features in the game for a predetermined price and you are advised to do so. They are not easy to spin in, so with a big bankroll and bonus buys you have the best chances to hit the big payouts.

3. Densho

Densho top slot machine play view

Densho takes you back in time to the Far East where enchanting adventures await. A powerful Hacksaw Gaming slot with captivating bonus rounds and a maximum payout potential of 10,000x.

The most attractive part of Densho is the Wild Multiplier Reels. When the Densho symbol lands on a reel it will expand to cover it and each one awards different win multipliers. The Common Densho will bring multipliers from x2 to x10, the Rare Densho from x5 to x50, while the Legendary Densho will bring win multipliers up to x100. Needless to say, the biggest payouts can come if you land a few of them with top multipliers for legendary wins.

Trigger the free spins bonus and land Upgrade symbols on the reels to upgrade the Densho symbols that can land on that reel. Trigger the Super Free Spins to start at level 2 where the Rare Densho symbols can appear from the start.

Densho is a very fun and exciting slot to play, but you can easily end up in a dry streak if it’s not in the mood to shell out a bonus round. Lucky for you the bonus rounds can be bought at any time.

4. Itero

Itero video slot screenshot

Itero is a very original slot, with outstanding visual details. Based on Greek mythology the game has an exciting set of bonus rounds and a maximum payout potential of 10,000x. But this is a highly volatile slot, so you should be very careful with your balance when playing it.

The main advantage of Itero is the Echo Spins mechanic. When a win is formed on the reels and the Hand of Jupiter symbol is present you get 1 to 8 re-spins. All of the symbols are held in place so you get the same payout in each spin. If you’re lucky enough it to be a big win, you can easily end up with a massive payout.

To help you get to those mega wins are the win multipliers. The Additive ones can be up to 10x and are added together. The other ones are the Multiplicative ones, which can be x2 or x3, multiplying the total win multiplier.

Trigger the bonus with 3 or 4 scatters for the Wrath of Jupiter and the Gift from the Gods features. The latter one is the super bonus where all multipliers are collected and applied to each echo spin.

5. Dark Summoning

Dark Summoning slot machine from hacksaw

Dark Summoning is a Hacksaw Gaming slot that takes you deep into the caverns of hell where demons and goblins await. A super slot in terms of visual details and a quite complex set of bonus features. The game is not for the faint-hearted and takes some getting used to. But you can land payouts of up to 10,666x in the bonus features, so it’s well worth giving a try.

In the Trial by Hellfire feature, you are awarded 10 free spins. Positions on the reels are marked with Hellfire and you need to land the Unholy symbol to turn them to Wilds. An interesting bonus round, but quite difficult to win big.

The Super Bonus is the Rise to Salvation feature, where you get 10 free spins. Here the symbols move toward the top. Land Lost Soul symbols on the screen for a Global Multiplier or a Cash Prize. The multipliers can go as high as 100x, while the cash prizes can be as much as 666x.

The Super Bonus is where the biggest payouts can happen if luck is on your side. This is why it works to your advantage to chase it via the Bonus Buy button.

6. Pug Life

Pug Life slot Machine from hacksaw

If you’re a fan of Pugs or have one at your house you are sure to love Pug Life. The game features cartoon-like symbols, has fun gameplay and comes with a great set of bonus rounds. With a top payout of 7,500x Pug Life is sure to catch your attention.

On any spin during base play, you can land treats on the screen which can be Biscuits, Bones and Steaks. They all come with multipliers that differ in size from one treat to another. The lowest multipliers up to 4x come from the Biscuit, from the Bones up to x20 and from the Steaks up to x200.

Land at least 3 treats at once to trigger the Treat Yo’Self bonus. You get 5 free spins where each treat stays on the reels for the entire feature. Land a wild line for the biggest payouts in the game.

Land 3 scatters to enter the Dog House. Each one awards from 3 to 4 free spins, as does each extra scatter during the bonus rounds. Here you can get win multipliers up to x100 and cash prizes from 0.1x up to 100x. Landing a toaster means you get prizes on each spin for the entire feature. In the end, the cash prizes are collected and multiplied by the total collected multiplier.

7. Cubes 2

Cubes 2 slot machine from hacksaw gaming

Cubes 2 is a sequel of the popular Cubes slot. The original release gained so much popularity among players and especially streamers, that Hacksaw Gaming decided to go ahead and release a sequel. The new Cubes 2 slot comes with an expanding grid and a top payout of 10,500x the stake.

Everything in the game revolves around landing matching clusters of cubes. With each win on the reels, the initial 5×5 grid expands all the way up to 11×11. The gameplay is quite interesting and nothing like traditional video slots.

As for the bonus rounds you need to land 5 winning clusters in a single spin. You are awarded 5 free spins, where you choose which colour cubes remain sticky on the screen. Collect the biggest clusters you can and you can win up to 7,000x in a single spin.

The high payout potential is the main reason why so many players decide to give the game a try. You can also buy the bonus feature at any time if you have a higher bankroll. This is another big advantage to the Cubes 2 slot.

8. Chaos Crew

Cubes 2 slot machine

When Chaos Crew appeared on the market it instantly started attracting players. The unusual design and the original bonus round were enough to capture the hearts of many Hacksaw fans. Today players can find several sequels to the game, all as exciting as the original.

To trigger the bonus round in Chaos Crew you need 3 scatters on the reels. You are awarded 3 free spins only. But each time one of the special symbols appears on the screen the number of free spins reset to 3. Each reel has a multiplier symbol on top, which is filled by landing multiplier and special symbols on the reels. The Cranky Cat symbol can award win multipliers up to x20, the Epic Cranky Cat also awards multipliers up to 20x, but they are added to the multipliers on all of the reels. The Sketchy Skull symbol awards a number up to 20, which is added to the multiplier on top of the reels.

To buy the bonus in Chaos Crew you will need to spend 129x. This is a relatively cheap option and many players decide to go for the bonus buys, instead of chasing it during base play.

9. Hand of Anubis

Hand of Anubis slot machine screenshot

The Egyptian god of the underworld is an inspiration for many online slots. One of them is Hand of Anubis by Hacksaw Gaming. The game has a modern design and very exciting gameplay. But the main power of the slot is in the bonus round, where you can land payouts up to 10,000x.

To trigger the regular free spins bonus you need to land 3 scatters on the screen. Here you need to land as many winning clusters as possible and collect the highest multipliers. If a green orb lands on a reel with a multiplier up to 10x it will activate it for that reel. The green orbs can award win multipliers up to 9,999x.

For the super free spins bonus, you need 4 scatters on the screen. The bonus is played with different symbols but basically works the same. The only difference is that some blocks can come with a 100x multiplier.

10. Feel the Beat

Feel the Beat video slot

Feel the Beat is a music-themed slot by Hacksaw Gaming with futuristic neon symbols and bright colors. The gameplay in the slot is very exciting and soothing to the eye. In Feel the Beat players can land payouts up to 10,000x in the bonus round.

What’s interesting in this game is the speaker mechanic. Land two speakers on the reels and all of the symbols between them on winning paylines are transformed to matching symbols. They can also transform into wilds, free spins or speaker symbols. If you land a win on the screen along with the X symbol, it will reveal a win multiplier of up to 200x.

The game comes with a classic free spins bonus, where the same features are active as base play, but the speakers lag more often. With 4 scatters on the screen, you trigger the super bonus, here you get 10 free spins, where the X symbol will always reveal a win multiplier. The multiplier is collected and added to any win with an X symbol on the reels.

3 Best New Hacksaw Gaming Slots

Hacksaw Gaming is a hard-working provider constantly increasing its slots portfolio. They have a consistent level of originality and many of their new slots come with innovative features. This is why it’s always exciting to try a new Hacksaw slot. Below are 3 of the best new Hacksaw Gaming slots that you can try at our recommended online casinos.

1. Fist of Destruction

Fist of Destruction Slot Machine

Fist of Destruction is an action-packed Hacksaw slot based on the old arcade fighting games. If you’re from the older generation and loved playing Street Fighter at the arcades, you are sure to love Fist of Destruction.

Before you start spinning the reels choose your hero. But don’t worry this doesn’t affect the gameplay or payouts. Once the reels start spinning look for the Blue and Red Fist symbols. The blue fist shoots up turning all symbols wild, only if it can form winning combinations. If you hit the opponent you will also get a win multiplier up to 200x.

With 3 scatters on the screen, you trigger the Throw Down Bonus. You get 10 free spins, where you need to get to levels 4 and 5, guaranteeing 4 and 5 fist symbols. The more of these symbols land on the reels the bigger your chances are for a big payout. The end goal is to land a full screen of wilds and walk away with the top payout.

2. Cash Crew

Cash Crew Slot Machine

Cash Crew takes you on a wild bank heist where you can walk away with the ultimate prize. With superb visual details and modern animations, Cash Crew shows that Hacksaw Gaming is working hard on the visual aspect of its slots. But as in any other slot, the most attractive part is the bonus rounds and this is where Cash Crew doesn’t disappoint.

On any spin, you can land a Wild symbol and a Cash symbol on the screen. This is where the magic happens. If the cash symbol is in a 3×3 grid next to the wild it will uncover a payout up to 500x. The Wild on the other hand can uncover a win multiplier of up to x25.

With 3 scatters on the reels, the Vault Free spins are triggered. You get 6 free spins with sticky wilds on the reels. Land the stopwatch symbol for an extra 2-6 free spins.

In the High-Security free spins bonus, you get 9 initial free spins and a better chance to land higher valued symbols. This is where the biggest payouts in Cash Crew can land.

3. Rusty and Curly

Join Rusty and Curly in a wild west shootout on the reels of this Hacksaw Gaming slot. Don’t be fooled by the goofy appearance of the two desperados, they won’t think twice to shoot their way out of a pickle.

Land a wild symbol on the reels with a heart, a multiplier, or even both. The hearts are basically lives that are lost with each re-spin with the sticky wild on the screen. The multiplier on the other hand can be as high as x10. It will contribute to every payout where the wild is involved.

Land 3 scatters to get 6 free spins, where the wild multipliers can be as high as 100x. You have a better chance to land wilds with more lives and higher multis.

Land 4 scatters for the super bonus where you get 12 free spins. Bullets will start shooting across the reels and turn to win multipliers up to 200x.

3 Highest Paying Hacksaw Slots

In addition to the slots above we have another short list of the 3 highest paying Hacksaw games. Each one comes with a high maximum payout and has the potential to land massive wins in the bonus round.

1. 2 Wild 2 Die Slot

2 Wild 2 Die is an amazing Hacksaw slot, featuring everything you might look for in a game. It has a Wild West theme, great visuals and a maximum payout potential of 15,000x in the bonus round.

This slot brings a new Revolver mechanic to the table. On any spin, you can land Gold and Silver Revolver symbols on the reels. The barrel can show up to 6 bullets and each is fired on the reels. The Gold one will fire first and all positions become wild multipliers, up to 200x. The Silver fires after and all positions become wilds.

With 3 free spins symbols on the screen, you trigger the Most Wanted bonus. The top of the reels features wanted posters, with random multipliers up to 500x. The revolver symbols will fire on the reels and the multipliers from the wanted posters are collected.

With 4 free spins symbols, you trigger the Shooting’ Wild bonus. You have 10 free spins, with sticky wild multipliers for the duration of the bonus.

2. Stormforged

Stormforged is a powerful slot based on Nordic mythology. The slot has exciting gameplay, a great set of bonus rounds and a maximum payout potential of 12,500x. It’s a very popular slot among Hacksaw fans and is especially popular among high-roller streamers.

The Hand of Surtur symbol opens a portal, acting as a wild. If it expands in the position of a wild symbol a random multiplier up to 200x is revealed. If the treasure chest is affected a win multiplier of up to 2,500x is revealed.

With 3, 4 or 5 Surtur symbols you get 10, 12 and 14 free spins. The wilds that land on the reels are sticky for the duration of the bonus.

With 3, 4 or 5 Vikings you get 10, 12 and 14, Warriors of the Storm free spins. Here look for Thors Hammer, turning a reel Wild. If a Viking is revealed a win multiplier of up to 200x is added. The Wild Reels remain sticky and will move one position to the left if the storm is triggered.

3. Beam Boys Slot

Beam Boys is an unusual slot, featuring a robotic cat that shoots lasers from its eyes. The visuals in the game are outstanding, as is the maximum payout potential of 12,500x.

The bonus features in the game are quite simple. On any spin, you can land a wild cat symbol on reels 2 through 6. When this happens the cat will shoot a laser of wilds on all of the rows to its left. So with a few wild cats on the last reel, you are bound to land some hefty payouts.

For the bonus round to be triggered you need 3, 4, 5 and 6 scatters on the screen. You are awarded 5, 10, 20 and 40 free spins in total. If you land an extra 2 and 3 scatters you are awarded an extra 2 and 4 free spins. The feature works the same as base play, but the frequency of wild cats on the screen is much higher.

The 3 Hacksaw Slots With The Highest RTP

  1. Joker Bombs 96.48%
  2. Cash Compass 96.42%
  3. Let It Snow 96.42%

Play 3 above games here

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What’s unique about Hacksaw Slots

Hacksaw Gaming is truly a unique software provider. They are quite innovative when it comes to their slots, starting from the number of paylines they use to the visual details. They are constantly pushing the boundaries and creating new and exciting games.

But what players value the most is the bonus rounds and the bonus buy options. Hacksaw slots allow you to increase the chances of triggering the bonus or even playing with a bonus feature active. They are also heavily focused on super bonus rounds, where the biggest payouts can happen.

Another detail that many players love about their games is the high volatility and the chances to hit the maximum payout. In all our years in this industry, we have never seen so many max wins land on slots from any other provider as they do on Hacksaw games. This is why so many players try their luck on Hacksaw slots.

Are they Mobile Friendly?

Yes, Hacksaw Gaming is a modern provider and all of their games are mobile-friendly. You can play their games from all types of mobile devices, powered either by Android or iOS. Their slots are guaranteed to perfectly fit the screen of all mobile devices. The buttons are optimized for the best user experience and the visuals are spot on. Many players actually prefer to play Hacksaw slots on their mobile devices.

Hacksaw vs other slot providers

There are many slot providers that you can choose from in the online gambling industry. Some of them have some similarities with Hacksaw slots, while most are totally different. Below is a list of three similar slot providers that you can find across online casinos.

No Limit City

For many experienced players, No Limit City is the sister provider of Hacksaw Gaming. The reason for this is simple. They too have very unusual slots, with a unique design and high payout potential. The two providers also have a similar set of betting options. In No Limit City slots, you can also buy the features or bet more to get access to a feature on each spin.

No Limit City has a massive number of popular slots, so it’s hard to say if they are better or worse than Hacksaw. We would put them on the same level of quality and popularity, so it’s up to you to decide which game you like more.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a very popular provider today, with a massive number of online slots. They managed to rise to the very top of the online gambling industry, by releasing unique and interesting slots. For us, the similarity with Hacksaw Gaming comes from the bonus buys.

On most Pragmatic Play slots you have the option to instantly buy the bonus round. This feature is very popular among players today and Pragmatic Play is one of the providers that made it possible. Their slots can be found in many online casinos, so you can easily give them a try.

Elk Studios

Elk Studios is a smaller but quite popular provider in the iGaming industry. The reason why this provider is similar to Hacksaw Gaming is the originality of their games. Elk Studios started as an original provider from the very start. Their slots are well designed and they make sure that no two are the same. This is something that is highly valued by their loyal fans.

Another similarity with Hacksaw is in the X-iter option. It allows you to access a wide range of bonus features for a predetermined price. Elk Studios slots also have a super bonus feature available, which is another similarity with Hacksaw Gaming.

The Pros and Cons of the Above Hacksaw Gaming Slots


  • Known for paying out huge amounts
  • Popular among slot players
  • Many options in the buy feature
  • Fun to play


  • Some of the slots are extreme volatile and risky to play
  • Not all casinos offer Hacksaw games